Why Is there No Data Available

We rely on our community to give you live data for each game. Unfortunately it can sometimes happen, that there is no registered user to report this data. If you want to contribute to adrenalyz and change the lack of live data you can request an contrivutor account here: [email protected]

Why We Need Your Mail To Register

We understand if you have privacy concernce to give your mail adresse away, but we need this data to link your account to you. We wont send you any registration links or validation codes, therfore you could aslo use a temporary mail adress, BUT be aware, that we then might not be able to provide you with essential support features like a reset of your account password, as we can not ensure that you are the real account holder.

Why We May Ask For Your Location

If you wanted to provide lve data for a game, you have encountered us asking you for your location. Requesting once location is a big encrouchement in once privacy, we totaly aknowledge this. But we need you location, as it is the easiest way to verify, that you are in fact at the game.
To make you feel more safe about sharing your location, we can guarantee you, that we dont store, or even see your location. So how it works is quite simple, we get your location as a geocode, this geocode never recieve us, and only get stored local on your device. We then send the game location also to your device, and there it gets calculated, that you are infact in an rdius of 500m around the game.

Early Alpha Limitations

During our early alpha phase, we will be limited to just one league - the Regionalliga Südwest in Baden-Württemberg.
We plan to expand to all major leagues in Baden-Württemberg and later to support all amateur football leagues in Germany. We do not plan to support professional football leagues such as GFL, GFL2, GFLJ and DBL/ DBL2. However, if we can come to an agreement with the clubs and the league, we may implement these leagues as well.